We´re The NG de France and we represent a new branding concept of  hair care  and  professional esthetic  products, focused on health and welfare of customer and professionals.

We are born of the courage, the commitment, the partnership between chemistry and nature.

In the quest for wisdom, allied with respect for nature, talented Brazilian chemist Junior Diego Becker sought the alchemical essence to create innovative and highly sophisticated products.

It was in France that she studied, cultivated and learned from Dr. Naturopathy, Nelly Grosjean, founder of Biossentiel, a company with more than 30 years of tradition in Europe - the world's largest and most respected brand of organic essential oils.

Our brand ‘s history has been started with Biossentiel. Its a French company throughout Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Romania, Czech Republic, Morroco, Panama and  United Arab Emirates. Biossentiel has been created  by the good-standing aroma therapist  Dr. Nelly Grosejan and it´s one of a few companies in the world that produces   a 100% organic essential oils.

The over 30 years experiences of  Dr. Nelly, makes the   products of the  brand , produced in Provence, South  of France, become the perfect result of nature and body balance. Therefore, all its products  receive the international and European  organic  agriculture signets, guaranteeing  safeness and quality to our customers and the most important thing, the  environmental respect.

In honor of Biossentiel’s Philosophy and Dr. Nelly’s contributions, the NG de France highlights its abbreviation “ NG”  to emphasize the  Nelly Grosjean’s importance   as in the aromatherapy universe  as in creation of the NG de France Branding.