NG de France represents  a new concept of  cosmetics branding, focused on beauty and welfare of our customers and professionals. We are leading role new manipulations’ ways and developing products that are beyond  the results of  final  efficacy. Because we believe   beauty’s price shouldn’t prejudice the professionals’ health that use it even the customers’ health  that order the service either.      


The essential oils  made by Biossentiel have received  the main organic  agriculture signets of the world. These signets ensure the quality and credibility of our products. To NG de France, the signets contribute  in a strong way to give our clients  reliably  and certify  the credibility of  suppliers. The essential oils of the French Biosensorial Company, are used as products in its production and are renowned as Nelly Grosjean, who hold as certifications


Agriculture Biologique
Eco Cert
100% cueillette nature
100% Bio






Our factory is located in Osório City, the biggest Eolic energy supplier spot of Latin America .





The NG de France uses high technology in all its industry procedures. We are totally   against experiments on animals or any other activity that harms the nature. We don´t make experiments on animals in any stage of our products  industry’s  procedure. And we refuse to accept raw material from these companies, that make activities like this. We believe that the man should work together with nature, respecting all aspects surrounded.


To offer unique moments through innovative and  exclusive cosmetics  with excellence, quality, transparency and responsibility, offering welfare and exceeding  expectations of our clients.


To be benchmark in the  cosmetics sector, through quality products inspired by passion and innovation. Collaborating to  the society development, promoting beauty’s plurality, respecting people and the environmental. Establish a new  ecologic cosmetics’ culture in Brazil and we have potential to export to the world.


Customers commitment,  socio environmental responsibility, passion, excellence, quality, transparency , enterprising spirit, overcoming, ethic, innovation.